Noselifting (Non-Surgical)

In a time of non-invasive procedures gaining popularity, HIKO nose thread-lift is becoming a popular option chosen by many instead of going for surgery. With very minimal downtime, affordable prices and natural results, HIKO is being loved by many looking to alter and enhance their nose shape in a harmonious way without really looking too overdone. The origin of the word HIKO, Hi – short for High – and Ko – the romanised Korean word for nose – put together means High Nose and that is exactly what the procedure gives. But how does HIKO achieve this? How good are the results? Who can get this done? The procedure starts by giving local anesthesia to numb the nose and area around it. After that, depending on the type of correction needed (as requested by clients too) such as lifting the nose bridge or straightening the nose, a thread is inserted into the soft tissue of the nose gently. The number of threads needed will depend on each individual and what the desired shape wanted is. For enhancement of nose tip it can be just one or two threads however for lifting the nose tip and bridge, more threads would be required. This tissue is deep under the skin so the threads must be inserted deep in the tissue above the periosteum (bone) so that it will not appear on the surface of the skin. The threads then hold up the nose to give the nose height and definition. Think of the thread as a tent pole that holds the tent cover and in this case the tent cover is the nose tissue.The type of thread used will depend on the needs of the client. All thread types are usually made from PDO (Polydioxanone) which is also used in other surgical stitches and is safely digested by the body. The average time that these threads will last is about 1-2 years before they are fully absorbed by the body. After that, nose thread-lift can be redone or retouched. An important part of this treatment happens outside the clinic, which is post-treatment care. Hygiene around the nose is crucial to prevent any infection and follow-up at our clinic is necessary to ensure no complications arises even though it is super rare. The threads, especially the cog threads, disturb the tissue in our nose. Also as the nose tissue is lifted there is very small tears in the nose tissue which are stretched to support the new shape. To support this new shape the body forms more collagen which is usually found in our skin to give structure. Collagen is what makes our skin firm and held together which makes it important when repairing injuries. The small ‘injuries’ caused by the thread triggers the body in to creating more collagen around the treated area and this ultimately leads to the nose lift becoming more permanent as the body heals around the new nose shape.

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